Past UTEP Awards

UTEP Awards

Outstanding Teaching Award

Josefina V. Tinajero 1994 Education
Micheal A. Kolitsky 1995 Biological Sciences
Robert Webking 1996 Political Sciences
Larry P. Jones 1997 Biological Sciences
Nancy Marcus 1998 Mathematical Sciences
Shahdad Dowlatshahi 1999 Information and Decision Science
Gregory Lush 2000 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kate C. Miller 2001 Geological Sciences
Cheryl Howard 2002 Sociology & Anthropology
Ann Quiroz Gates 2003 Computer Science


UTEP Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence
Joanne Ellzey 1994 Biological Sciences
William Kaigh 1994 Mathematical Sciences
Donald Moss 1996 Psychology
Hong-Sioe Oey 1996 Civil Engineering
Robert Peterson 1998 Political Science
Mary Terjo 1998 Communication
Walt Fisher 1999 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Rachelle Thiewes 1999 Art
Sandra MaGee Deutsch 2000 History
C.Douglas Meyers 2000 English
Bruce Lawson 2002 English
Laura Hall 2003 Information and Decision Sci


UTEP Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure-Track and Part-Time Faculty
Mary Stevens 1998 Accounting
Lillian Mayberry 1999 Biological Sciences
Guadalupe Gamez 2000 Languages and Linguistics
Dorothy P.Ward 2001 University College
George R. Bell 2003 Computer Science