2012 Award Recipients

CETaL Congratulates UTEP Faculty Who Have Won Teaching Awards

In these pages we recognize and applaud the extraordinary efforts, innovations, commitment, and effectiveness of UTEP's very best teachers. These individuals have committed their careers to helping young people learn the skills they need to excel in their professions and society, and have been recognized by their peers at UTEP, the State of Texas, and the Nation for their accomplishments.

Not only have these faculty members excelled at teaching, but many have also maintained a rigorous scholarly program and shown commitment to serving the university and their community. They are clearly among our best leaders.

These pages present two groups of awards winners.The first group consists of individuals who have been awarded State or National awards for teaching, with special recognition for the UT-Regents Outstanding Teaching Award and National Award Winners. These faculty members were asked to share their teaching philosophies with us and provide their insights in effective teaching and learning.

The second group consists of faculty members who have been recognized for their teaching excellence by their UTEP peers and students and received UTEP's Outstanding Teaching Award, the Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence, or the Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure-Track and Part-Time Faculty.

UTEP Teaching Award Winners 2012